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simple ways to stay fresh middle of the day

Many of us have long day, including stuff at work and home.  You may get tired middle of the day.  There are many ways to keep yourself up and fresh.
1. Take short breaks

Take a short break and step outside for five minutes. Rest your mind, rest your eyes and rest your body. If appropriate, try some simple stretching exercises<>. A research shows that even a small amount of movement during a workday has significant benefits<> to your health.  Preferably short walk in fresh air.

2. Wash your face with ice cold water

Cold water refreshes your body and wakes you up. Cold water on the skin stimulates circulation all over the body and flushes the dirt off from your skin. Wash your face couple of times a day with ice cold water and it is guaranteed you stay fresh at work.

3. Drink water

Water is a natural energy drink and helps you to stay fresh at work. By drinking enough water you will keep your brain sharp and body energized. Read about the health benefits of water<>.  If you are habit to drink Coffee, you may need to drink more water than usual.

4. Eat smaller, more frequent meals

Plan to eat after every three or four hours. Smaller frequent meals keep your energy level at balance throughout the day and fuel your brain with needed fuel. Here´s an article about all-day energy and food<http>.

5. Get your vitamin B and C

If you want to stay fresh at work, eat vitamin B rich foods<>. Most B vitamins help to convert blood sugar into usable energy. It is also wise to get a decent dose of citrus fruits since citric acid helps to fight chronic fatigue. Vitamin C also helps you absorb more nutrients from food. In addition to the vitamin C, citrus scents (like orange, lemon and lime) stimulate alertness.


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