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November 30, 2012

Oracle Grid control connects to incorrect/wrong Database / Oracle Grid pulls wrong metrics


Grid control connects to Primary DB, but thinks it connected Physical standby and pull Standby metrics instead of Primary DB. This has started happening once I ran the switchover from DG to Primary DB.

Story behind the issue:

Here is the story behind the issue.  We had Database environment with Master(Primary) RAC and Physical Standby (RAC).   We had to convert our RAC Database into Single Instance DB and use local storage.  First I have converted Dataguard into Single Instance DB.   Switched the traffic to DG and looked good.   Converted Primary from RAC to single instance and migrated to local disk while it was Dataguard(standby).   Everything looks fine until this moment.    We decided to move the traffic back to original Primary and we did.   Everything was working well.

Effort to fix the issue.

However from this point grid control started showing DG performance metrics on both Primary and standby.  It was so weird.  I did stopped the agent,  ran clearstate, started the agent,  Did agent syncronization.  Nothing worked.    Infact I uninstalled agent on both Primary and standby then Install the agent only on Primary DB box.   I am shocked to see DG metrics and the grid control thinks it is physical standby.

At this point I was looking at primary Database’s agent log.   I noticed listener services listens to remote listener service.  which is pointing to DG box.


Ran “lsnrctl services” to find out remote registry on Dataguard box.  It is was missed out during the conversion of RAC to single instance process.

Removed/unregister remote listener as below.

alter system set remote_listener=” scope=both;

Ran “lsnrctl services” to confirm the remote registry is gone.

Now the grid talking and pulling metrics against correct DB.


December 19, 2011

Enterprise Manager 12c Overview – Cloud Control DB Lifecycle

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Enjoy the presentation.


November 10, 2011

Managing Oracle Exadata with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c

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Managing Oracle Exadata with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c

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