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March 30, 2015

MySQL Interview questions

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You worked on Oracle, MS SQL and MySQL, What is your strongest Area? Oracle

How would find out the size of the table in MySQL? Oracle DBA_Segments Nope

How do you start or stop MySQL services? ok

What is the default port on 3306?

How would you run multiple mysql instances on the same box? Nope

How do you find your whether the database is fragmented are not? How do you fix it?

What kind of backup tool you have used to backup? How would you schedule daily backup using xtrabackup?

Let us assume that customer calls you and says the database response is very slow? What would be your approach in debugging this issue?
Slow query log.

How do you make Schema changes on on 200GB table with foreign key?

How would you find out list of indexes on the table?

Have you ever done replication?
Replication – Cloning – Streaming.
Row-based and statement based.
How do you make sure Master and Slave database is in sync? If not in sync How would you fix it?

Are you familiar with different Isolation levels?

What happens when the auto increment value reached the maximum value?

How do you check the query performance? What would you do if the index is not being used?

Someone had an access to server, he/she dropped a database. How would you recover to the point in time?

How can you drop the Primary key from the table?

Percona Tool Kit.

How good you are in scripting?


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