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March 15, 2013

“Health is Wealth”

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This is one of my Toastmasters speech project.

How many of you own a car?

How many of you take your car for regular maintenance?

Almost all of you take care of it really well.  That is good.

In case if I have asked you different question, who takes care of your health/body really well?

I am sure there will be variety of answers, some really take care of it really well, sometimes; Some of us we don’t know.

Our physical body is mechanical machine very much like car though it does much more.

I was asked this question when I attended one of my Yoga class. Why many of us take care of our car, when we don’t pay enough attention on our own health?

The answer was we invested on our car or other vehicle, but that is not the case with your body or health. If we have spent 100K, 50K or 20K on our body then we may probably show real care on it. Though it is little weird after a while I was convinced with that answer. I was thinking about my life 13 or 14 years ago, when I bought my new car, I used to keep it very clean, I don’t let anybody drive my car and I don’t let anybody drink soda or juice in my car.  After the marriage and kid, everything went upside down.

The purpose of the speech is to share my findings about healthy life style.

Buddha says,

Without health life is not life; it is only a state of languor and suffering – an image of death.

Everybody talks about healthy lifestyle and I really wanted to know what it means to me?

How much is our health really worth?

Per, Individuals who choose an unhealthy lifestyle will spend an average of $365,000 on food over the course their life expectancy of 80 years, while a healthy individual will spend an average of $400,000 on food over the course of their 84-years of life expectancy.

Yes, it does cost more but when you compare these costs to cash you spend when you are sick or overweight, the healthy side of things starts to look a whole lot brighter.

Per study by University college London, which included 5,100 middle-aged people, those who engaged in four key behaviors — not smoking, moderate drinking, exercising regularly, and eating fruits and vegetables daily — had triple the odds of avoiding disability, chronic disease, or mental health problems over a 16-year period, when compared with people who practiced none of these behaviors.

Per this speech project, I am supposed to bring a visual aid, and I thought why don’t I represent myself as visual aid.

I have been trying to maintain healthy lifestyle for the past 6 months. I have lost 15 pounds in summer and gained 4 pounds back in winter.  It is not just about losing weight, much more than that.  I am pretty happy about overall result.

5 most important healthy behaviors:

Not smoking, low or no alcohol intake, weight control, Physical activity and healthy diet.

I remember one of my previous colleagues, had this quote in his signature.

“If you don’t find time for workout; you find lot of time when you are sick” – My Friend.

More than 60% of Americans today are officially classified as “obese.” So healthy lifestyle is not optional anymore.

Lets take care of our health like a brand new car.


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