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June 8, 2012

Train your Brain (Brain Exercise)

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Train your Brain:

New Brain Cells are continually generated – even in adults – through a process called neurogenesis.  Most new cells are born in hippocampus.

Learning and stress-relieving activities enhance neurogenesis and promote new-cell survival.

Learning new skills creates connections in the brain that counter-act cognitive decline.  It’s never too later to build brainpower with these mental exercises.

Brain Exercises

– Take up violin if you are already playing piano.
– Learn to speak another language.
– If you are crossword puzzle pro, switch to sudoku.
– Use your non-dominant hand to write or brush your teeth.
– Play board games or Computer/Video games that activate strategic, spatial and memory skills.
– Dance.  Intricate choreography fine-tunes the body and brain.

Beyond these exercise

Eat Smart , Exercise regularly and Mind your emotions.

Eat Smart:

If you need a brain-boosting tuneup,  try mediterranean meal plan. Olive, nuts, Avocados, dark leafy green, Vitamin E and Folic Acid.  Colorful fruits and vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes and mangoes.


3 times 40 minutes of aerobic exercise sessions.  Cardiovascular exercise increases blood flow to the brain and decreases your risk of stroke.

Mind your emotions

Build your coping skills.  Adequate sleep, massage, meditation and spiritual practice.


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