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September 6, 2011

MySQL: Defragmenting a Table

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We have many sharded databases in MySQL.  The nature of the application updates, deletes records.  Realized that we may have lot of fragmentation on tables and wanted to remove it.  This is has been done on Master Slave environment.  We were able to reclaim good amount of storage from bigger fragmented tables.  It is performed by NULL alter table operation.  BE AWARE that this process would rebuild the objects, so cannot have DML running on the table during defragmentation.

First do it on Slave, then failover the service to slave  and then do it on Master.

— Set timeout

set wait_timeout = 28800;
set interactive_timeout = 28800;

select @@interactive_timeout;
select @@wait_timeout;
— stop the slave

stop slave;
show slave status\G

set sql_log_bin = 0;

Query OK, 882094 rows affected (11 min 48.53 sec)
Records: 882094  Duplicates: 0  Warnings: 0

Once you are done.  Start slave to catchup.

Failover the service to slave and do the same on Master.

We are able to reclaim 50GB storage per cluster(including master and slave).   Anyway it depends on environment and its characteristics.


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